About Marc Juarez

Marc is an Industrial Engineer, Entrepreneur and a Challenger.

He started in lighting with the LED revolution in 2009 starting his own lighting company in Spain called LEDsPRO that was successfully sold to the French company Lucibel after 2 years in the market.

With the boom of the LED industry, Marc moved to France to work in the R&D department of Lucibel to develop new LED luminaires and new ideas. As anecdote the French president at that time Francois Hollande was on the TV making a demo of a bulb developed by the R&D team he was working on.

After 2 years in France. Marc moved to Germany the biggest lighting market in Europe where he started a career in Seoul Semiconductor. Marc has been developing technical and marketing projects within the company for the past 6 years.

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co-founder of the pioneering start-up Ray Lighting, Simon McCune

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