When did you last think about light?

When did you last go outside?

What's the lighting like where you are reading this?

What time did you stop checking your emails last night?

And is your room really dark at night?

The right light will help you to think more clearly, to lose weight and smile 

Your kids can learn to read more quickly, reduce their chance of needing glasses and will be more likely to make good financial decisions.

You spend 90% of your life indoors. You could say that the people who choose the lights are more important than your doctor. But 80% of those life-changing decisions are made by professionals with little or no training. It's not clear why they should spend more. So they often default to price.

That's good for the bottom line, right?

Well no. It turns out that good lighting is not only good for people.

It's good for business and for the planet too,

I'm a lumenonlogist.

I guide people to use the power of light for a healthier, happier world.

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  • Humanity-centred lighting - the new normal?
    Humanity-centred lighting - the new normal?
    10 Jun, 17:00 – 18:00 BST
    In conversation with Florence Lam, Global Lighting Design Leader at Arup and winner of the SLL President's Medal 2021.