2.5 million teens watch Luna's simple advice about healthy lighting - isn't it time we took them seriously?


This project started during lock-down, inspired by my amazing nieces and godchildren.

I was so shocked to see how life indoors was affecting their health and happiness. And I was determined to do something about it. I wanted to give them - and their parents a simple message. Lighting, literally, makes the world of difference. And most of the solutions are simple and free. 


After just six months we had reached over 1.9 million teens. We've now topped 2.5 million and counting. All thanks to the generous support of a global network of passionate scientists, lighting manufacturers, academics and regulators. The brief Youtube clip above explains how we did it - the numbers have gone up since we made that. It grows every day.


And LunaTM is now in German and Italian - she reached 47,000 German teens in just 48 hours. The clip about light and learning got a 'click-through' rate of 220% - the teens are going back and watching again!

A link to Luna's Youtube channel is below. 

Luna Pro

We soon realised that around 80% of the professionals who buy lights for our homes, hospitals, homes and schools have little or no training in lighting. The sales pitches are confusing and vague - and there are minimum standards out there which, they reasonably assume, are enough to keep us safe. So they naturally tick those boxes and negotiate hard on price.

After all, it's just a lightbulb, right?

We've got our heads around the fact that better tyres last longer - and you're probably not keen to waste precious hours on the hard shoulder wrestling with that flimsy jack that came with the spare. So how come we cut corners on the lights - when, hour for hour, the cheap ones often end up more expensive, let alone the hassle, cost and carbon footprint of replacing them?

We get what we pay for and take risks when we take shortcuts. It’s just that we don’t all know the harmful impact of bad light - but we do have the fear of sitting by the side of the road. Time to learn the real impact of being in the hard shoulder of the light spectrum

I'm working with a team of manufacturers and innovators from around the world to make the business case for healthy lighting. Good for people, good for profit, good for the planet. 

To listen to interviews from the Luna Pro series, please go to this page

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