304,000 teens watch Luna's simple advice about healthy lighting - isn't it time we took them seriously?

And to think, when I started this project with my brother Jim James in September 2020, they told us teens don't care about their health. They also said social media posts about light and sight for kids just don't get clicks. The brief Youtube clip above explains how we did it - the numbers have gone up since we made that. And LunaTM is now in German and Italian - she reached 47,000 German teens in just 48 hours. The clip about light and learning got a 'click-through' rate of 220% - the teens are going back and watching again!

A link to the Youtube channel is below. 

Luna Pro

We soon realised that around 80% of the professionals who buy lights for our homes and schools have little or no training in lighting. So they naturally go for the simplest, cheapest option.


After all, it's just a lightbulb, right?

Well no.


Like the difference between a car tyre for popping to the shops and one for rough terrain or a race track, different lights may look the same and do the same basic thing. But they perform very differently.

We're on a mission to explain that difference to the millions of professionals out there who make vital decisions about the lighting in the spaces where we live, work and play. 

Watch this space!

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