The business case for healthy lighting

Light shapes every aspect of our lives - from the way we look and feel, our ability to concentrate and remember - to our resilience in the face of illness and grief. Lighting accounts for 15% of the world's greenhouse emissions, around 20% of your electricity bill and has been linked to a catastrophic collapse in the population of vital pollinating insects, chaotic crop cycles and disrupted mating and migration patterns.  A new generation of lighting solutions that integrate sensors, optics and modular designs are finally affordable, reliable and easy to use.

But many of the professionals who buy the lights where we spend 90% of our lives have little or no formal training.  They have tight financial targets to hit. The products all look the same and they have a long shopping list. They naturally choose on price.

So a team of leading international manufacturers, scientists, regulators and industry bodies from around the world have set out to change that. We have put together clear, impartial information and examples of successful business people to explain how investing in healthy lighting solutions can add up - for people, profit and planet. 

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