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Luna Pro series - making the business case for healthy lighting (in order of recording)

Florence LAM, CEng, FCIBSE, FIAL, FSLL - Arup Fellow, Global Lighting Design Director

Dr Peggie Rothe - Chief Research and Insights Officer, Leesman

Mark Major, Speirs and Major Lighting Architecture

Ed Russell, WCS Care

Dr James Greenberg and team, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Designing a World for Everyone Webinar and book launch with Professor Jeremy Myerson, Professor Cees de Bont, Patricia Moore and Sean Donahue

Jim Collin, Annell Ljus + Form

Luna foundation series -  light for health for teens

Well-being and education

Sue Atkins- Broadcaster, best-selling author and BBC Parenting Expert

Joye Newman- Best-selling author, perceptual-motor specialist, the In-Sync Child Approach

Carol Kranowitz - Best-selling author, sensory-motor specialist, the In-Sync Child Approach

Dr Sophie Bostock - Broadcaster and Sleep Scientist

Dr Nilong Vyas- Paediatrician and Sleep Expert and Coach, Sleepless In NOLA



Professor Steven Lockley- Neuroscientist. University of Surrey and Harvard University

Professor David Hicks- Vision scientist, CNRS

Dr Denize Atan - Consultant Neuro-Ophthalmologist, University of Bristol

Professor Mark Williams - Cognitive Neuroscientist, Speaker and Coach

Professor Jeremy Myerson- Director, Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, Royal College of Art

Professor Garrett Cardon - Trained audiologist (AuD) with a PhD in cognitive, Department of Communications Disorders & Neuroscience

Professor Gaelle Pantin-Sohier - Specialist in Colour Marketing and Consumer Behavior, University of Angers


Industry specialists

Henrik Clausen - Head of Research, Director of Fagerhult Lighting Academy

Richard Garrett - Marketing Manager, Signify

Marc Juarez - Technical and Marketing Director. Seoul Semiconductor

Jason Wilkin - Co-Founder, Ray Lighting

Dr Peggie Rothe - Chief Insight and Research Officer, Leesman


Dr Shelley James- Light and learning in lock-down, 12 February 2021