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Switching on the lights could help
save the planet


This week is all about climate change. It's tempting to feel overwhelmed by the rising tide of fires and floods. Luckily, there is a lot that we in the lighting community can do to make a difference - whether to 'reduce, reuse or recycle' - and improve lighting quality too.


Perhaps the most obvious thing is to focus the light where it's needed - you might find this report on task lighting in factories interesting.

You might also enjoy this interview with the ebullient Jim Collin of Annell + Ljus about how he improved the quality of the light in his office - and cut his energy bills by 1,250%.

Dr. Rod Bunn’s sobering report highlights the waste of energy in schools caused by inadequate or overcomplicated controls.

And in this interview BDP’s Mark Ridler, founder of the Green Light Alliance explains his approach to lighting and his campaign for more intelligent, sustainable product design.

And on a lighter note, this research suggests that sunlight can help you lose weight - it’s time to go outside and get an ice cream!