Light for learning

Are you worried about the amount of time your kids are spending indoors and on screens?

Are you noticing changes in their behaviour and ability to concentrate, catching them rubbing their eyes and concerned about their sight - wearing glasses makes it hard to be active - hard enough to get them to get outside already! 

It turns out that small changes to the lighting can make a massive difference to their health, happiness and ability to learn. But so much information out there seems alarmist or confusing - and sometimes just plain wrong. 

I'm on a mission to change that.

So I've brought together the world's leading scientists and professionals from the health, education and lighting sectors to share the latest research and, more importantly, practical solutions, so that you can stop the lighting harming your kids - and help them to learn at home.


Please join me for a focused, practical 30-minute webinar to learn about how light and screens affect

  • sleep and concentration

  • memory and learning

  • myopia and eye strain

  • reading speed and accuracy


And what you can do about it!

And head to this page to hear interviews with experts from the education, science and manufacturing sectors about the


And learn simple, practical techniques for your home and school​

Let's use light to change our world for good!

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Light for Learning, afternoon session
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Light for Learning, morning session
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