When did you last think about light?

When did you last go outside? And your kids?

What's the lighting like where you are reading this?

Do you notice that some places give you a bit of a headache and wonder why?

And what time did you switch off your screens last night?

Do you leave your phone on your bedside table?

And is your room really dark at night?

Light, like the air you breathe and the food you eat, affects every single aspect of your health and happiness.


Getting a dose of daylight in the morning - and taking a look at the lighting where you work and rest are the most powerful (and almost completely free) thing you can do that will transform your ability to sleep, to see and think straight and to smile.

A long winter of lock down quite literally brought that home.

Rates of short-sightedness, obesity, depression and behaviour issues among teens are on the rise. 

And yet there is little or no reliable independent information out there.

Not only about how light affects you. But simple, practical and mostly free things that you can do to use the power of light for good.


It's time to put the human back at the centre of human-centred lighting.

We need this now more than ever.

Do get in touch to find out more.

Upcoming Events

  • Why WELL: the science behind the standard
    23 Apr, 12:00 – 12:30 BST
    A short, practical guide to the neuroscience behind this new standard that is designed to create environments for healthier, happier people.
  • Lighting up 2021
    via google form in the description
    23 Apr, 19:00
    via google form in the description
  • Celebrate the sun! 24 hour zoom relay
    Zoom meeting
    16 May, 00:00 BST – 17 May, 00:00 BST
    Zoom meeting
    Join a team from around the world in a 24 hour zoom relay to celebrate the sun's journey across the globe.
  • Panel debate: the shared language of light
    Zoom meeting
    20 May, 16:00 – 17:00 BST
    Zoom meeting
    Join an interdisciplinary team to discuss the shared language of light.


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