Up to 80% of your physical and mental health are determined by your environment and lifestyle. Every single cell in your body and brain is responding to light right now. The right light at the right time can improve your memory, speed up reaction and recovery times and reduce the amount of pain medication you need. 

Lighting accounts for 20% of your electricity bill, and 15% of greenhouse gases. An estimated 30% of light at night is wasted as light pollution. That eerie sky glow has been linked to a collapse in insect populations, disrupted migration and mating patterns in birds and unseasonal flowering and fruiting patterns in plants that leaves them vulnerable to frosts and floods. 

And yet, most of us don't give light a second thought.
The people who buy lights for our homes and hospitals, schools and offices have little or no training in lighting either.

The next generation of lighting technologies are simple, affordable, cost-effective - and sustainable. Good for people, for planet - and for profit.

I work with teams from around the world to do well by doing good. I'd love to know how I can help you too. Do get in touch.

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How I can help


I've been invited by some of the leading businesses in the world to offer an impartial, pragmatic and interdisciplinary perspective on the potential of light to support their business goals. I then build a team to deliver your objectives on time and on budget.  


A global social media campaign to raise awareness of the impact of light on health and well-being has reached 2.5  million young people and counting. Click here to learn more.


I host conversations between leaders within and beyond the lighting sector to challenge the perception that healthy lighting is expensive and difficult.


Together, we are on a mission to shift the conversation from price to performance. We can create a win-win-win for people, for business and for the planet. 

Many of those conversations are free to download on the 'Resources' page on this website. Click here to have a listen.


I speak on stages across the globe on the science and art of light.

I devise and deliver interactive workshops and webinars for small teams and international conferences in academic and commercial settings.

More about my background and links to some of the presentations and podcasts are on the 'about' page. Click here to have a read.