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How can the humble lightbulb transform your results?

Light is driving every single cell in your body right now. It affects how you feel, how you look - and how much you will remember of this sentence. Healthy lighting can boost your productivity, memory and mood. It can even help you to reduce your carbon footprint. Light can also be, quite literally, a killer.  A shocking rise in chronic conditions have been directly linked to our twilight indoor lives, from depression and learning difficulties to obesity, heart disease and cancer.

Just as an apple is not a healthy diet, a light bulb is not healthy lighting.  But, as part of an integrated approach to the built environment, the humble light bulb really does have the power to transform your results, Good for people, for planet and for profit.

I work with successful, innovative people from around the world who want to do just that.





I am a TedX speaker. I have presented to small groups and large conferences in academic and commercial settings, online and in person around the world. I devise and deliver immersive workshops for team building and CPD training. I have appeared on the BBC World Service and the award-winning BBC Four Series Resolutions: innovations that changed the world.

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I host interviews and debates between innovators within and beyond the value chain for lighting from around the world.

I build bridges between scientists and clinicians, developers and engineers, end-users and manufacturers, regulators and specifiers. We lay foundations for successful partnerships.

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I am a WELL advisor and trained electrician. I support people and businesses who want to invest in lighting to improve health, well-being and sustainability in the healthcare, workplace, residential and education sectors. I offer an impartial, evidence-based perspective from design to specification and post-occupancy evaluation. 

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Number three in the top 10 TedX videos in the world in May 2022!