I am passionate about the value of interdisciplinary collaboration and have led public engagement projects for over 30 years, starting with my work as a consultant for global brands including Visa International and Sony Ericsson. I now work with selected sponsors to build strategic partnerships between manufacturers and regulators, scientists and students, media partners, end-users and members of the public.

Recent projects include hosting the Drivers for Change panel debates, curating the International Day of Light Celebrations  and global social media campaigns:- the Luna campaign that reached over 2.5 million teens, and the Luna Pro campaign that connected with over 10,000 professionals and counting. I also curate a weekly newsletter round up of the latest science papers and light-related discoveries that have caught my eye.

Get in touch if there's a project you'd like to talk about - or just to say 'hi'!


Recent projects and interiews below

Luna Pro series
making the business case for healthy lighting (in order of recording)
Learn more about it here.
Luna Teen Series
light for health for teens (in speaker's last name alphabetical order)
Learn more about it here.


Well-being and Education:
Industry Specialists:
Other Resources
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Newsletter: a weekly round-up of research and other things that catch my eye...

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